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SentenceClarity for Clear Business Writing.
SentenceClarity is a new Al powered business writing editor. It goes much deeper than spelling and grammar checkers that do little for sentence effectiveness. Clear writing engages readers and keeps their attention. Why write if your readers skip, skim, or set your message aside?

SentenceClarity instantly identifies and strengthens weak business writing that bores and confuses readers. SentenceClarity provides clear and concise language. No more "this sounds better" editing. Enjoy the advantage clear writers enjoy.

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Professional Grade Spelling & Grammar

Proper spelling & grammar demonstrate the writer's competency and confidence. SentenceClarity offers the next generation of spell & grammar checks to take care of that for you.

    Exclusive Dual-level Spell Checker w/ Personal dictionary
Includes industry-specific dictionaries including medical, technical, IT, legal, engineering, general business, etc.
    Business-oriented Contextual Grammar Checker
Self-healing grammar checking automatically adjusts content during the edit process.

Energize with Clarity & Concision
SentenceClarity greatly surpasses spell & grammar capabilities with AI powered Clarity & Concision Assistants. These are high-speed, intelligent agents that identify common writing weaknesses in business writing, and offer powerful, accurate revisions. Simply click them to accept their suggestions.

    Advanced Intelligence Clarity Assistant
Expose stronger subjects, reduce passive voice, and energize weak verbs.
    Advanced Intelligence Concision Assistant
Reduce prepositional phrases and optimize wordy phrases to boost impact.

“90% of all business failures can be attributed to lack of clarity.”
- Brian Tracey, Worldwide business consultant, Top-Selling Author of 70 books
Advanced Writing Assistants
SentenceClarity offers thousands of useful business writing suggestions that take it far beyond spelling & grammar. These immediately provide extensive writing impact across your entire document, engaging and retaining your audience.

  Exclusive Long Sentence Assistant
SentenceClarity reduces word count, and offers additional guidance.
    Reader Comfort Transition Assistant
Offers guidance to increase Reader Comfort and add interest.
    Sentence Variety Assistant
Improves sentence variety, both automatically and via tips.
    Writing Style Assistant
Helps identify and adjust writing style to suit your audience.



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